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About the My Place project

The general, long-term goal of the My Place project is to help local governance reform efforts in Bosnia and Herzegovina. In order to achieve this overall goal, the project has several specific objectives:

  • It will simplify access to municipality-related data for all interested stakeholders;
  • It will increase transparency of local self-governance reform process and of performance of local governments;
  • It will advance policy making processes and efforts at local governance level

The project foresees the implementation of the following activities, inter alia:

  • Creation of a comprehensive, easy-to-use, publicly accessible data base on all municipalities. Data will be collected from different sources, sorted and uploaded into the data base.
  • Development of analytical tools enabling comparison across municipalities, according to different variables/indicators/characteristics.
  • Collection of other relevant information and reports on each municipality, as well as creation of a data profile for every municipality. This means that different municipal acts, as well as other relevant documents, will be available for each municipality.
  • Establishment of a website that would be used as an interface for users of data and profiles. This means that all data will be available through the simple web interface.

The project encompasses data on basic territorial units of local self-government in BiH: 78 municipalities and one city (City of Mostar) in Federation BiH, and 61 municipalities and one city (City of Banja Luka) in Republika Srpska. Data on the City of Sarajevo and the City of East-Sarajevo as units of local self-government are not available on the My Place portal at this moment; however, data on municipalities that make up these two cities are available. Data on the District of Brcko as a local self-government unit are also available on the portal.

The project is supported by the Open Society Institute and the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation in Bosnia and Herzegovina.